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“Etiquette is behaving yourself a little better than is absolutely essential.”
- Will Cuppy 

Business Etiquette

Corporate Training

Business etiquette is an unwritten code of conduct regarding interactions among colleagues in a business setting. Professional business etiquette plays a monumental role in making a lasting positive first impression.


When proper business etiquette is used, all involved are able to feel more comfortable and things tend to flow more smoothly. In professional situations, displaying proper etiquette can give you a competitive edge over others who may not be using proper etiquette.

Business etiquette can be applied to many areas of an individual’s work life including emails, phone calls, business meetings and cafeteria lunches.


This program offers simple and practical techniques for employees to develop Business Etiquette. Methodology used includes group discussion, role plays, activities and skill building practice sessions.



The content of this program is fully customizable based on your business goals.

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