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Train the Trainer

"You cannot teach a man anything. you can only help him discover it within himself.'"
- Galileo Galilei

This program is designed for companies who want to develop or upgrade an internal training team. The course is practical, as participants experience new training techniques and then practice them during the program, using adult learning principles.


The Coaching Spectrum instructor coaches participants through the exercises and encourages them to practice the skills they need to create a highly interactive learning environment.

Corporate Training

At the end of the course, participants deliver a short training session using their own materials, and receive detailed feedback from the trainer and their peers.  


At the end of this program, participants will be able to:


  1. Learn and apply adult learning principles

  2. Create an effective training environment

  3. Use a variety of learning styles to engage participants

  4. Learn how to coach and get the best out of participants in a training session

  5. Deal with difficult participants


The content of this program is fully customizable based on your business goals.

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