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Managerial Effectiveness

Corporate Training
"A manager is responsible for the application and performance of knowledge"
 - Peter Drucker

When we hear the word ‘manager’, we typically think of someone who controls, directs, guides, and advises. Although this is still a good textbook description, in truth, today's managers must do much more. Moving from an Individual Contributor role to a Managerial role involves a new set of skills, motivations, perspectives and responsibilities

Managerial Effectiveness can improve performance, team morale, and productivity.

Designed for developing managers, this program focuses on the skills required to successfully lead a team and build relationships with diverse team members.


This is a skills-based management training program, full of tips and techniques, for those who want to focus on the practical side of the manager's role.


The content of this program is fully customizable based on your business goals.



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